>Dappy Halentine’s Vay!

>I saw that on a greeting card: “This is Harvey the Hamster. He’s been running in his wheel all day and he’s a little dizzy!”

Hah! I’m going to design my own cards next year. I keep saying that, but this time I really really mean it.

Note: We had dinner at the Starland Cafe. Kind of a DC institution- good for grown-ups and their parents. They went smoke-free the beginning of February. Yay! Parking is fun to deal with, but the food makes it worth the hunt. The cocktails are strong, the waitstaff is good, and when there’s live music there’s still no cover. I had the Market fish with bok choy, cilantro, spinach and sticky rice with soy and we all enjoyed the sauvignon blanc. Desserts are good, but we had ours in the fridge at home: Pommery bubbly and heart-shaped cheesecake with raspberries (cue the “Awwwww!”).

Anyway, have a lovely evening whether you are alone, with friends or with your sweetie.

Be good to yourself šŸ˜€


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