>Ugly food.

>I like good stuff. There’s a lot of it out there and it doesn’t take too much doing to find it. I found a blog the other day called Easily Pleased which is run by a person who describes themselves as easily pleased… but picky.

That would describe most of us, I think, which is why I’m going to start watching this blog.

Anyway, I am finally over the flu and convinced that there may be something to flu shots after all. Next year I might get one, unless I put this entirely out of my head altogether, which I very well may do.

While I was sick I had to miss out on some fantastic outings with friends, including a local BYOB jazz bar and a birthday dinner at a restaurant I’d been dying to try. Instead, I stayed home and merely felt like I was… dying. Clearly this could not stand! So after 2 days of staying home and being good I decided to go out.

I did, I was miserable, and I was ill. Not fun, not pretty.

It took me a week to get the taste of vomit out of my mouth and another few days to feel like touching alcohol again. Bleah.

So last night I went out, for the first time in awhile, with the intent of having a drink-y and chillin’. Unfortunately I made a bad judgement call and went from being “easily pleased” to “easily peeved”. Oh yeah, that bad. And this is coming from a woman who will eat just about anything that is put in front of her and clean her plate to boot!

The crostini seemed like a good idea. We were hungry, we were having cocktails at this fabulous place, and dinner was a ways off. The dish was cheap and simple and it went with my beer and my friend Alison’s something or other. So we ordered it.

Okay, so it looks pretty, right? It was. I took pictures. As another friend remarked about me, I am all about presentation baby! That’s what comes of living in Japan and loving food.

Anyway, it all went south from there: it turns out Alison doesn’t do olives and the brown stuff with the roasted red pepper curl on top is tapenade. The mint yogurt worked for her, but I was afraid of it, and then there was the “Cheez Whiz”. I think you can guess which one I’m talking about- the one with big ol’ olive plopped down in the middle.

“So, how is it?” Alison asked me as she savored the minty yogurt.

“It tastes like my mouth after last Friday,” I said putting the offending snacky down on the plate toot sweet. Alison is to be commended for not winging her drink at me at that point, or rolling her eyes, or ditching me outright.

I had to send it back. So sad. So pretty. So… evil.

To the credit of our waitress she not only took it back, but used it as a teaching experience for a new server. I thought she was mocking me as she explained it to the girl, but then I got the double thumbs up, which is always a good thing.

I’m going to that place again to hang with some other friends and I will give the menu another shot. I’m looking forward to it, in fact. I even plan to brunch there some time.

Call it an ugly food experience.


2 responses to “>Ugly food.

  1. >I must say, I was also disappointed. The presentation looked pretty solid. I expected you guys to be totally wowed by the crostini. Maybe the cheese wiz was just having an ‘off night.’ 😉

  2. >Does Cheez Whiz ever have an “on night”?Actually, I have a cousin from upstate NY whose contribution to our Thxgiving dinners (aside from scrumptious pies) is Cheez Whiz accented celery, which he sits in our kitchen and makes as my mother cooks. His wife is French and they are lovely people- the annual Cheez Whiz is their way of having a little fun.

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