>Corn chocolate.

>Ah those wacky Japanese and their corn.

Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan, is famous for a few things. Lots of snow, which makes them a popular destination on February 6-12 when they have their snow festival. Beautiful countryside where folks like to camp in the summer. The capital city, Sapporo, is the home of Sapporo beer. Grilled lamb, otherwise known as ‘Genghis Khan‘. And corn.

They produce the largest amount of corn in the country- no. 1 in high yields. Something to do with long, hot summer days with precipitous temperature drops at night. Or something. They put it in their ramen. Here’s a recipe.

They also put it in candy. There are corn caramels, butter corn chews, sweet corn curls, and corn chocolate. Hori is a Japanese company that makes this little culinary adventure possible.

It’s basically chocolate covered Corn Pops.

My aunt and her family went to Hong Kong before Christmas and asked us what we wanted from that worthy shoppy mecca. Not sure if I was trying to be funny or feeling a little nostalgic, but I asked for corn chocolate.

And they delivered. Henh. That sounded corny, dinnit?


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