>Bionic Cocoa.

>There was a pint of heavy cream in the fridge, looking all defenseless and unused, it’s freshness date bearing down upon us like that boulder in the first Indiana Jones flick. I skimmed the butterfat that had accumulated on top and flipped through another cookbook. The only thing I know how to make with heavy cream is Death by Chocolate, and all we could find in the cookbooks were frosting recipes.

“Nevermind. Let’s do this later,” I said and we headed to Bethesda for dinner.

We ended up at the Rio Grande Cafe because the possibility of low-carbs dishes was higher than the Italian place down the street. I had an amazing meal of quail in chipotle sauce, while Mike chowed down on the biggest chili releno I’ve ever seen in all my young life.

Apparently the food had given Mike all sorts of brain power because he was full of ideas for the cream- “We should mix it with the Abuelita,” he said at one point, his eyes lighting up. Abuelita is a Nestle product billing itself as “authentic Mexican drinking chocolate”.

I, my mouth full of little quail wing, just nodded.

A few minutes later, “The bottle of Barenjager. We should put that in too!”

Barenjager is a honey liquer produced and bottled in Steinhagen, GR, and imported by some fellow in New Rochelle, NY. It is sweet, very drinkable, and very very strong at 35% alcohol by volume at 750mL.

So we had the technology. We could build it.

When we got back to my house we were groaning with food, but still feeling the cocoa vibe. Mike tossed an Abuelita tablet, laced with cinnamon and other spices, into a pot with the pint of cream and mixed them- the chocolate melting in the thick… gooey… (jeezum crow!) cream bath. Then he poured the steaming concoction into mugs then tossed in some Barenjager.

Yikes! I have not had anything that rich in awhile.

Usually people taste things that are really rich and say, “Oh, hey, stop, no more.” But I’m not a quitter! I drank… almost all of it. The rest went to Dad, who had a few choice words for me the next day.

Abuelita is actually supposed to be mixed with water, but I prefer my cocoa with a milk base. As for a cream base, well, the jury is out right now, clutching their stomachs and moaning.

Normally I like my desserts deliciously deadly, but cocoa is supposed to soothe, not slay!


3 responses to “>Bionic Cocoa.

  1. >yo! I love how you took innocent Abuelita and totally corrupted her. My kind of hot chokky! well done.

  2. >p.s.thanks for the tag! and congrats on winning the Salmon Roe Cavi-Art® . I will donate it to the garbage bin and you’re on my blog-roll 😉

  3. >Thanks EP! You’re a sweetie ;-)By the way, can’t wait to see something new from you!

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