>Simple gifts.

>A friend of my mother’s, whom she’s known since forever, gave my sister and I amaryllis plants for the holidays. A bulb, some planting dirt, a pot and instructions: nothing crazy or too difficult.

I kept mine on my desk in the basement- not planted, but in the box and ready to go should I ever be stricken with a green thumb. I wasn’t. I worked in a plant nursery once, but never really got too excited over the idea of having a garden, though I’m sure that will change when I get my own space.

Anyway, my sister (aka “Plant Grrl”) came over today and on her way out asked if I’d planted the amaryllis, since hers had already sprouted.

I tore down the stairs to the study, to discover the bulb partially swathed in a tangle of roots, a thick green shoot arcing gracefully out of the brown bulb. Yikes! So I planted it.

It took all of 5 minutes, and it struck me as strange that I never thought to do it before. Soaking the planting material in a cup of water until it separated and fluffed up into a kind of soil. I patted the brown clumps around the bulb like tucking in a child, the pale green shoot leaning to the light. Now it’s sitting on the windowsill waiting for another sunny day to bring it further out of its shell.

Then I made myself some lunch with a bit of Manouri (Greek cheese), fresh spinach and egg noodles, tossed in olive oil. It tasted so good that I knew I was feeling better.

Winter isn’t over yet but already there is a sort of fresh feeling- of growing things and green tastes. Part of me is sad that I missed the snowboarding season this year, but glad that soon I can take my bike out of the garage and take it for a spin.

Simplicity is bliss.


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