>Still not feeling up to snuff. Snuffling though. Snuffling like a pro.

Dad was kind enough, after I whined at him a lot and looked petulant, to run to the store and get me some knock-out juice (Nyquil). The whole “taking a pill when you’re sick”-thing is relatively new for me as my parents relied on sweet, sticky, orange syrup (Triaminic) and burn-y red stuff (Robotussin throat spray) when I was a kid. Neither of these things actually did anything except taste awful. As a student and as an adult I’ve always kind of just suffered it out- either by exercising through it or becoming a lump and allowing the germs to bore themselves to death.

When I lived in Japan they had this thing called “Ganbatte” (gamBAHteh) which basically means anything from “Suck it up, loser!” to “Kick ass, you!”. They used it as an excuse for not putting central heating or ac in schools, and not letting girls wear tights in the winter to keep their legs warm. Those nutty Nihonjin- you knew they ate raw fish, but you probably didn’t know they were sado-masochists.

These same people had pre-cold cold medicine. This was stuff you took before that little sniff became a sniffle. Or nasal drip became nasal drizzle (ugh.). It was glorious. And probably a placebo.

Anyway, I was whining to Mike about the banana bread/cookie sheet conundrum (I used an insulated cookie sheet- oopsie) when he suggested I go drink some Polish mead he’d brought by weeks ago. It’s in a huge glass gallon jar and looks like apple cider and we were afraid of it.

Mike said, “Nuke it and drink it. It’s good for you.”

“It” is “krupniak” (KROOp-neeakh) which is Polish mead. Krupniak is made of water, honey, vodka, cinnamon and cloves. Fitting that vodka is halfway through the recipe as it comprises a full half of it. It requires no real fermentation time and can be drunk as soon as it is made- or let sit for a few weeks as we did- and is very good at clearing up the nasal passages.

The honey and spices make the mead look like cider, but this ain’t no apple juice. It is sweet and spicey and fully capable of making the dead walk, or at least sit up and go, “What the hell?!”

I’m feeling a bit better now, thanks.


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