>Sick Day.

>My body and I are having an argument over who is in control and my body, without so much as a how-do-you-do, has decided to go on strike. My throat is scritchy, my nose is stuffy, and I feel achey… I think I have the flu!

Yikes! Hide your avians: I’m feeling sick enough to outdo the avian flu.

Last night Robyn’s book, Adventures in Poofyville Volume 1, came in the mail and I was so tired and the beginnings of flu-y that I could barely open the package. Look at that! That’s 10 whole minutes of wrestling with tape and untearable paper.

But today, filled with vigor… or germs… I managed to open the thing and was rewarded with 147 pages of Robyn’s unique sense of humor.

And now I am feeling guilty because today, TODAY, I was going to shop for chocolate to send in exchange for this book, and instead I am sick. How sick you ask?

I forgot I had lunch plans (which I was looking forward to- there were going to be MARTINIS!) until Trish called me- likely to say, “Where the heck are you?!” (I say “likely to say” because before she could get the sentence out I was whining “I’m siiiiiiiiiiick!”)

It’s 3pm-ish and I am still in pjs.

There is half a pint of Doublin Mudslide in the freezer and I won’t touch it because I can’t taste anything and it would be a waste.

I made myself a small pot of spaghetti with diced tomatoes and almost ate it out of the pot! And then thought, “No! I’m sick, but I will still live graciously!” and served myself a small helping in a bowl.

And ate with my fingers. No, I’m kidding. There was a fork.

So there will be no going out tonight (hear that, body?) but there will be maxin’ and relaxin’, reading Robyn’s lovely masterpiece, watching Lost on tv with Dad, and all that marvelous stuff.

Happy February!


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