>Lately I’ve been going out and about a lot. But once in awhile I have an evening at home in which I can cook, read, diddle around, and play with the blog, etc. All without guilt, because in my family even when we are relaxing we are busy!

The other night I popped “Fever Pitch” in the DVD player, nibbled on Baci and turned some left over yarn into a Nano cover. It was actually great fun- a project that could be finished in a short time and that was immediately usable.

The yarn was a mix of 3- eyelash, a cotton cord with silver threads, and a cashmere with intermittent fuzzy strands so that when knit it came out as stripes. I had knitted a loose scarf for my mother with the stuff and on size 19 needles and had some left over, so I threw something together.

After casting 16 stitches onto size 8 doubled pointed bamboo needles, I knitted 18 rows. Then I knit 2 together until I had 4 stitches left, sewed in the loose end and came up with something that looks like Oscar the Grouch as an infant.

After being in the hole with Dad’s slipper socks (a Christmas gift that is still unfinished) it was nice to get something done all at one go.

Baci are not something that you want to finish quickly, but in fact they are often finished before you want them to be. A Baci is hazelnut flecked chocolate cream topped by a whole hazelnut and enrobed in dark chocolate. Each candy is wrapped in silver foil with a little note with quotations about love tucked inside. Yummy.

My parents give us boxes of Baci for Christmas, every year. Sometimes they are 4 piece size, sometimes 12, sometimes larger, but every year we get them and they are delicious.

As for Fever Pitch, well, I haven’t yet read the book, but something tells me the movie didn’t do it justice. It’s a great movie if you’ve every lived in Boston or you’re a fan of the Sox, or you like one of the stars. I lived in Boston, had warm feelings for the Sox, and I think Drew Barrymore is pretty cool. But if it weren’t for the shots of the city, etc. I would have turned it off toot sweet. Yes, that bad.

The texture of the yarn, the warmth of the blanket around me, the taste of the chocolate… the movie was kind of an assault on my eyes and ears, but it can’t always be helped.

A nice way to spend a winter evening.


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  1. >Liz: I wanted to let you know that I’ve posted the Ancho Chile Chocolate Cupcake recipe up on my web site at: http://www.accordingtolayla.com/pdfs/wk37anchocupcakes.pdf.Let me know if you try it!

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