>We’re hosting another ‘burbs dinner. Mike is doing the dinner and I am making dessert. Or rather desserts.

As the event will be pre-Valentine’s Day I thought truffles, Death by Chocolate and red velvet cupcakes would be fun to try. I also saw a recipe for ravioli (red of course) on delicious days that made me want to try making ravioli again- the first (and to date) last time I made ravioli by hand it took 8 hours and put me off the stuff.

The first ‘burbs dinner was very nice- we had two couples over, and one baby- the adorable Kai. Mike cooked for us. I supplied the recipe for baked goat cheese spinach salad but largely it was Mike’s show, and it was quite delicious. Good food, good company.

For the next one we are entertaining at a friend’s house in Virginia. I say friend because TT is being kind enough to open her home to us and 20 guests all in the name of a good meal.

After visiting Alice’s Tea Cup with Robyn earlier this month I have been thinking about red velvet cake and specifically red velvet cupcakes. Which is why when I discovered this recipe on one of my favorite sites I was excited. Of course I do not have my own kitchen, so it is likely I will be forced to use a mix, but I will cross my fingers that I can get in and do this.

Mike has sent me the menu and it sounds spectacular. There will be a choux puff demo to start. I have choux puffed before: in Japan they fill them with creme (choux creme) flavored with green tea. Beard Papa (a Japanese company) has choux creme shops in NYC- yet another reason to move there.

How can you not love that face? Ooh, now I’m hungry.

More later.


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