>Well, it’s official. It’s Chrismukkah. Christmas and Hannukah on the same day. Okay, not all of Hannukah, but the first day of Hannukah. I defy you to tell me that’s not special.

I got a subscription to Food&Wine this year. The December issue included a story about a chef in MA and her Chrismukkah party- latkes, champagne cocktails, etc. Fun stuff.

The weekend was long- Mom was stressed as usual when planning for these things, and I was also taking care of the dogs across the street, so after dinner was over and the guests had gone it was time to trot back to Doggy-world to crash out. And then in the morning reacquainting them with the doggie-door was a special kind of fun.

This would have been a much nicer experience if yours truly hadn’t mistakenly shut off the furnace on my first evening while looking for the light switch to the basement. Cranking up the thermostat doesn’t make a darn bit of difference if the furnace is well and truly off.

Oh well- light a scented candle, laugh at yourself, eat a cookie, enjoy the day.

I got everything I asked for- lots of things I needed, caloric things, things to read and watch, things from Honk Honk (or “Hong Kong” if you speak real English). As usual the real fun was having my family around. They stress you out, they wear you down, but in end you love them just the same.

Happy Holidays!


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