>Persimmons are called “kaki” (KAH-kee) in Japanese. We used to eat them a lot in Japan. They were cheap and plentiful, and often whole piles of the fruit would be rotten before we could polish them off. They were good stewed, baked, pureed, you name it.

The smell was fantastic, especially when paired with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. And the color is amazing. Persimmon is part of the fall color palette and it’s easy to see why. Even sitting on a counter it looks delicious.

This morning my co-worker, who I knew from Japan, gave me a kaki! He got it at Costco, which baffles me- you’d think that a Japanese fruit would be considered an exotic and not available at a basic box store. But you’d be wrong, apparently.

It’s firm, so according to most sources it’s not ripe yet, but when it is, I want to try this recipe. Pumpkin bread is good, but there are a lot of good fall fruits and veggies to explore. Including persimmons. Yum!


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