>It seems so simplistic, but it’s the little things that make it all worthwhile.

A hot meal in the morning, especially a November morning, can make all the difference. Even though lately it seems that some November mornings have been downright toasty.

I am really bad at eating breakfast. I prefer brunchy things, long and lazy ones. I get up really early for work and the idea of getting up even earlier just to laze over cereal was just… wrong.

But recently I bowed to convention- Mom always said: most important meal of the day- and bought a box of (gasp.) (shiver.) instant oatmeal.

I’m kidding. The stuff is delicious. And as a working girl it’s pretty much all I have time for. I got to work, grab my coffee, douse the dry o-meal with hot water and pop it in the microwave. Then I put in a pat of butter and some soy milk and voila!

I like the ones with spices, rather than the fruit and cream. I’m a bit of a purist, though- as much as someone who consumes instant anything can possibly be- and when faced with plain instant I shuddered when the only flavoring option was a packet of hot chocolate. Ech. I joked about it, but in the end I just bought more flavored stuff.

But really, that’s silly. After all, I tote around soy milk- which is surprisingly tasty in oatmeal- and butter, so why not sweet stuff?

So tonight I took out all my favorite flavorings and mixed them up together: brown sugar, cinnamon, some freshly ground nutmeg, regular sugar, and golden raisins. Yummy!

Like I said, it’s the little things. The sweet, tasty little things. The ones that fill your tummy and keep you fueled all morning. And as the weather gets colder I’ll be appreciating that quick, yummy goodness even more.


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