Dining Out: Republic Noodles

Republic in Union Square in NYC is a great place to get Asian fusion cooking. Specifically noodles.

The food is a mix of Southeast Asian cuisines- a little Japanese, a touch of Thai, a bit of Chinese, a smidgen of Malaysian, a soupcon of Vietnamese. The dishes cost between $6 and $9 and are a great value- huge bowls of broth with noodles, noodle-based dishes, small dishes (appetizers- which are easily a meal). There are also drinks- Thai basil lemonade, Thai coffee, beer and others- and desserts like green tea ice cream.

Susette and I went for lunch on the day I left NYC. Before shopping we indulged in duck-laden dishes- curry noodles for me, spicy broth with coconut milk and lemongrass for her.

The flavors were amazing. Subtle curry that faded off the palate, pungent lemongrass and savoury coconut milk. The fresh veggies in my curry were still crunchy. The duck was flavorful and tender.

We got in a little before one and within 10 minutes the place was packed! We weren’t talking so much as yelling, but the food is worth it.


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