Good Stuff: Rooftop dining in NYC

On my last trip to NYC a group of us had dinner on the roof. It was as much fun as investigating the newest bistro or cafe: appletinis and a Manhattan sunset with lovely friends make for a fabulous summer night in NYC.

Vonnie, who lives on the Upper West, was our gracious hostess for the evening. She wielded the cocktail shaker with panache and charm, and, having lived in Japan, she can handle chopsticks like a pro.

Susette, her sister, who currently lives in Osaka, brought zaru soba to the mix. Buckwheat soba noodles are chilled and dipped in a soy broth spiked with sesame seeds, wasabi, and furikake (a mix of dried seaweed and other yummies that you sprinkle on white rice). Fresh boiled edamame (soy beans) was good for nibbling.

Ashling, a friend from Boston who currently resides in Brooklyn, trooped uptown to join us. She’s a Sox girl trapped in Yankeeland! She brought a loaf of ciabatta, red pepper cheese and boursin. And some good conversation.

A colorful meal with a fabulous crew. The sky a melange of purples and oranges. The perfect summer evening in one of my favorite cities!


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