North End.

>The center of the known Italian Universe is in Boston, MA.

This sign is in one of my favorite nabes- Boston’s North End. Home of Mike’s, where you can get a really stunning cannoli for a mere $1.75, and amazing pumpkin gnocchi and pizza as well.

And yeah, the Freedom Trail runs through the nabe. You know- the route that Paul Revere rode to warn folks that the British were coming, complete with the Old North Church, and Revere’s house, etc.

One of my ancestors is Israel Putnam, the commander of the colonial forces who led the charge up Breed’s Hill- which many folks call Bunker Hill for some odd reason. There is a monument on the hill that you can climb for a good view of the city and environs.

But the best part is getting to the near end of the trail and bellying up to the counter at Mike’s for some marzipan, gelato, or a box of macaroons. My folks like the pistachio macaroons so much that whenever I go to Boston they give me money so I can buy them a box!

I’m sure the colonial forces, after burying their dead at the north church graveyard and then going to the church to pray for their souls, went to Mike’s for a sinful cannoli.


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