>The happy couple and their new toy: a new grill!

This is Aron and Andrea and their new Kenmore, which they just happened to really need 4th of July weekend. What a coincidence! And I was there to see it get fired up for the very first time.

I met Aron and Andrea several years ago through a mutual friend. They throw great parties and going to their place, a nice apartment near Central Sq. in Cambridge, for the 4th is a sort of tradition for me. Aron is from Los Alamos, NM and Andrea is from Coimbra, Portugal- she makes really spectacular flan and is the sweetest, most overworked scientist at MIT.

Andrea christened the grill with sole and proscuitto rolls, potatoes, and squash. The next evening on the 4th, there were chicken breasts and sausage, with skewers of red and green peppers. The food was not only delicious, but visually stunning. And I won’t even go into the fruit salad that Andrea made!

I hope they have many good summer meals out of that grill. And that I get to taste a few more!


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