>I admit it- I’m a total girl and I like pretty stuff. This is me at Mt. Snow, VT with my “Pleasure” Killer Loop snowboard. Italian made, yo.

You can’t see it really well in the picture, but it has a photorealistic shot of a field of pink Gerberas on it. It’s green and pink. the fact that my gear is green is coincidence. The fact that my goggles are green is me being girly.

I got it when I was living in Japan, from a sporting goods store called “Murasaki [purple] Sports”. I also got boots and click-in bindings, which aren’t too popular for the simple fact that they don’t provide the same kind of support that conventional bindings do, but I like them because it takes me about 5 seconds to get into them. It’s not the best board in the world, it’s actually very flexy, but it grabbed me at first sight and since I was still thinking of it the next day, I bought it. That’s the rule- if you are still thinking about “it” (whatever “it” is) the next day, you’re buying ti.

I get a lot of compliments on it. I don’t think I’ve seen anything else as visually arresting. Except maybe their “Higher” board which has a blue sky with clouds (should have taken a pic of it when I saw it on the rack at Mt. Snow!).

I went skiing once before I went to Japan. I went to a few resorts out there and most of the people I went with were into snowboarding, so I tried it as well. It turned out to be more fun, and buying a board seemed like a good idea. The board was part of a deal with boots and bindings, and it’s paid for itself in saved rental fees. Okay, and it just looks cool.

Last summer I was a course marshall at the NORBA Nationals at Mt. Snow, VT. In addition to a very large t-shirt and lunch, not to mention a course side seat, I got two free lift tickets. Recently I got to use them- I took Aaron’s mom Ruth with me. She’s Swiss, a really good skiier, and has tested equipment for K2. She also skis in Utah, so she knows what real mountains are like. We had fun, and despite the fact that I can’t do moguls on that board she was a good sport about waiting for me.

Yes, my zipper pull is full of lift passes. I’m that kind of person. I had more of them, but I decided to get rid of multiples. I just like remembering all the places I’ve tried.

I think one of the things I’ll miss most about this area is that there’s decent ‘boarding a few hours away.


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